OnePlus is Providing One Year of Breakage Insurance in Some of its Smartphones in Nepal

There is good news for all the OnePlus lovers or those who are shifting their smartphones from other brands to OnePlus. The good news is that OnePlus is providing screen breakage insurance for one year for their user. The smartphones that have the insurance are:

  1. OnePlus 9 5G (12/256 GB)
  2. OnePlus 8 Pro 5G (12/256 GB)
  3. OnePlus 8T 5G {(12/256 GB) + (8/128 GB)
  4. OnePlus Nord CE 5G {(12/256 GB) + (8/128 GB)}

It is very important to change the broken or damaged screen immediately; the broken screen causes touch malfunction, eye strain, and loss of protection. Furthermore, it also results in risks for your finger as it may cut the finger.

Similarly, since smartphones release some harmful radiation, it is not good to let the cracked screen be present for a while. When the screen cracks, the smartphone’s internals are exposed and can easily release harmful radiation. It also keeps your health at risk.

Likewise, there are multiple other side effects of broken screen. Hence, it is beneficial to have your broken/ cracked screen repaired on time. Either this is a marketing strategy or anything else from the OnePlus Nepal, it is great to have breakage insurance.

The smartphones mentioned above are some of the best smartphones in Nepal. OnePlus Nord CE 5G was recently launched in Nepal at the price of NPR 44,999 for the base variant of 8/128 GB and NPR 51,499 for the higher model of 12/256 GB.

At the same time, the other smartphones have higher price ranges. OnePlus 8 Pro 5G sells at NPR 125,999 in Nepal. Likewise, the OnePlus price in Nepal for the 8/128 GB variant is NPR 78,999, and the price of the 12/256 GB variant is 85,999. Furthermore, the OnePlus 9 5G price in Nepal is NPR 104,999.

With the launch of the new smartphones, we are also hopeful that OnePlus may cut the price of some of the older generation smartphones soon in Nepal.

OnePlus has also recently merged with Oppo. OnePlus is now functioning as a sub-brand of Oppo.

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