How to Create a Payoneer Account in Nepal for International Transaction?


  • Payoneer is a popular online payment service mainly designed for international money transaction
  • The company has over 4 million active users from 150+ countries around the world
  • Payoneer is fully supported in Nepal and one can easily create a Payoneer account for personal or business purpose

Online money transaction is the most popular means of payment or fund transfer, especially in today’s date where all our daily activities have been digitalized. Payoneer is one of the leading payment gateway services which allows you to make digital transaction worldwide. In this article, you will learn through step by step process how to create your own Payoneer account in Nepal.

There are different digital platforms available that help us to send and receive money online. However, in context of Nepal, only few international payment gateway services are supported. If you are a freelancer or a business person who works for international clients, it is must to have an international payment account to receive your payment. In such case, Payoneer can be the best choice for a reliable and fast money transfer.

Why do you need a Payoneer account?

Other global payment services like PayPal or Payza are not fully supported in many Asian countries including Nepal. Whereas, Payoneer has full compatibility for Nepalese users and also offers various services regarding payment. Some of the important Payoneer services are listed below:

  • Payoneer provides you an international bank account so that you can limitlessly send or receive international amount from your client in foreign countries.
  • You will receive a Payoneer MasterCard for free, you can use the MasterCard to make all sorts of international transaction.
  • You can withdraw money from ATMs of any local or international bank. Although, there is certain amount of service charge while using ATM.
  • Almost all international companies support Payoneer payment. Hence, if you’re a freelancer or an online business owner, you can easily receive your payment.
  • Money transaction from Payoneer to Payoneer account is free of cost. You can also transfer money to other bank account with some fare.

Steps to create a Payooner account in Nepal

Follow the simple steps below to create a Payoneer account through online registration:

  1. Go to Payoneer website
  2. On the homepage, click on Register or Get StartedHow to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  3. Next, choose your purpose for creating Payoneer accountHow to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  4. Again click on Register to proceedHow to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  5. Payoneer Sign Up page will open. You need to go through four Sign up stages
  • Select your business type and enter your personal details in the required fieldsHow to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  • Add your personal contact details: Country, Detailed home address, Postal code and Mobile number. You will receive an OTP code in your number for verification.How to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  • Update your account security details creating new password. You need to provide your national id like citizenship number, passport or license for identity verification.How to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  • At the final stage, link your bank account. You can add any Nepali bank account with your account number and the bank SWIFT code which you can search online. Agree the terms and conditions and Pricing and Fees Policy and then Submit.How to create Payoneer account in Nepal?
  1. After completion of all Sign up procedure, your Payoneer account will be registered.How to create Payoneer account in Nepal?

You’ll then shortly receive a verification mail on the email address that you had provided earlier. Verify your account through the email and your Payoneer account is ready to use.

  1. Go back to Payoneer website and Sign in using your verified email and password. You can check the transaction details on your account dashboard.How to create Payoneer account in Nepal?

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