Content written by chatgpt really does not have copyright rules?

The artificial intelligence-based tool prepared by OpenAI is now viral. Various questions can be answered from this tool known as ChatGPT. Until now, ChatGPT is available for free and is being used by people from all walks of life.

This app has become both a blessing and a curse for students, teachers, content creators etc. Some people are saying that their jobs have been ruined because of ChatGPT, while some are experiencing the discovery of a free content writing tool.

Recently, the use of ChatGPT has started to increase in blogs and news writing as well. This tool, which can write news, articles, essays, etc., especially based on prompts, has also been used in blogging.

Copying other people’s content on blog sites is very likely to incur copyright. But, does the content prepared by ChatGPT also have a copyright?

According to ChatGPT, this tool tries to give the best answer from the data it is trained on. Practically speaking, the articles prepared by ChatGPT are not related to any author. Therefore, there is no copyright problem in such articles. But ChatGPT said that the copyright of the content prepared from it belongs to OpenAI.

So far, there has not been a single case of Open AI claiming copyright. If this question is put to ChatGPT, the answer can be seen that copyright is considered. In fact, ChatGPT has been introduced to such data that it looks at any question with common sense. Therefore, even though ChatGPT claims copyright, users have mentioned that they have not faced copyright issues so far.

Now let’s look at the issue of copyrights by people or companies other than OpenAI. If ChatGPT has copied sentences or letters from the Internet, then in that case, copyright problems may be seen. However, ChatGPT does not rely on a single limited source for any content. Since I collect information from various sources, no one can claim that I wrote it.

Similarly, ChatGPT answers every question in a different way. The same question asked to ChatGPT at the same time is answered in different ways. In such a case, there is no problem of connecting content. So that the question of copyright does not come.

That’s why experts say that the content prepared by ChatGPT is not subject to copyright. We also tested and found different answers to the same question asked at the same time. Google does not give approval to creators if they have copyrighted content. But many creators have revealed that they have prepared content from ChatGPT and approved AdSense.

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