How To Register Domain Name For Free?

    A Domain name is a web address, like, linked to an IP address that represents a physical point on the internet. For example, when you type the domain name in the web browser, it displays the web page of Google. 

    A domain name maps the IP address to access the website from the internet. Due to the domain name, visitors of the website do not have to enter the complex numerical IP address. The domain name was introduced to be used in the web browser as they are easier to recall while accessing a website instead of recalling an IP address which consists of series of complex numbers.

    Who needs the domain?

    There are many types of domain name systems. Some of them are .com for commercial purpose, .org for organizations, .gov for government, .edu for education, .net for internet networks. Here, is the country code top-level domain name system for Nepal. Each country has a two-letter code at the end of its domain, and for Nepal, it is .np.

    Those who desire to have an online presence on the internet targeting the people of Nepal need the domain. You can register the domain name for free in Nepal; you also do not have to pay to modify the domain name through Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. It provides the service for free to encourage Nepali people and their business and organization to have an online presence.

    What are the necessary documents required for free Domain registration in Nepal?

    Before starting the Domain registration in Nepal, you need to have the below-mentioned documents with you to complete the process:

    1. A scanned copy of citizenship or passport or driving license or voter’s card (For personal request)
      Certificate of registration of company or firm or partnership or organization (For non-personal request)
    2. Scanned copy of application/ cover letter with your signature.

    You can Copy the sample cover letter below for the personal request:

                                                                    Sample Letter

    Date: 13th May 2021


    The Host Master

    Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd

                                Subject: For Domain Registration

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to register the domain name. I have submitted the domain registration online form. I have also attached the scan copy of my citizenship with the application.

    I would be happy if you register my domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application

    My preferred domain name is

    Sincerely yours,

    Your Name
    Your Signature

    Steps of registering Domain in Nepal

    After you have all the official papers ready, you can follow the following steps to start the Domain registration process:

      1. Visit
      2. Enter the domain name and check for availability by clicking on the “Search” button.

        domain availability checker for
        Domain Availability Checker

        Note: The requested domain should not contain offensive or generic, or inflammatory words. If the domain is available, you can continue with the domain; otherwise, look for another domain. It would be best to look for a domain name that includes your official name, organization name, or company name. If the domain name is unavailable, you can look for an alternative name.

      3. If your domain name is available for registration. Click on Register Now.

        register now button
        Domain Name Available
      4. After, that Sign in if you already have the account; else, register a new account. 
      5. Now, in the registration form. Enter the primary and secondary name server of your hosting provider.

        nameserver in registration
        Name Server

        Note: If you don’t have hosting, you need to register for a hosting package to host your website on the internet after it gets approved.

        After your site gets approved for the domain, you can buy Nepal-based reliable web hosting providers like Himalayan host, Babal host, Crazyhost Nepal.

        If you don’t want to buy any hosting package for now. Then, Enter the nameservers mentioned below and change them later as per your hosting provider.
        Primary name server:
        Secondary name server:

        You can change the nameserver after your site gets approved and host it into another web hosting provider.

      6. Fill the form by giving the necessary information and click on Save and Continue.

        technical contact check mark
        technical contact

        Note: If you are applying for a personal Domain name rather than an organization. Then, leave the organization-name placeholder empty. And in technical contact checkmark on Copy administrative contact.

      7. After that, at the top-right, click on your name/profile and click on Dashboard.

        dashboard after registering domain
      8. Corresponding to your applied domain name, click on Edit Doc.

        Editing applied document
        Edit Doc
      9. Select the document type and attach the required documents. (Cover letter and Citizenship document).
        Note: The file size must be less than 200 kilobytes, and the cover letter also should be in image format (preferred file type: JPEG/JPG)
      10. Click on Request Domain.

        requesting domain registration
        Request Domain for Registration
      11. Wait for the approval.
        If your domain name is approved. Then, you will receive an email regarding it. (As shown in the image below) domain approval email
        Email Regarding Approval

    After you have completed all the above steps, it usually takes 2-3 days for the domain request to be approved. To check the approval status, visit your dashboard, check your domain status, which says “Active” after the approval. If rejected, it will be displayed as “Rejected” and the reason or rejection.

    active domain of
    Active Domains

    What are the benefits of the Domain in Nepal?

    First of all, having a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is highly beneficial from SEO points of view. It lets you appear during the local search performed by the people living in Nepal. The local visitors will also have a clear mindset that the website serves them.

    Secondly, it also provides you credibility as a result of which visitors come to your website with confidence.

    Also, if you are not operating in other countries but only in Nepal, you have a higher chance of getting the desired domain name.


    Building an online presence always boosts your profile. After the domain registration, you can have your portfolio or website on the internet. And the Nepalese are lucky to get the domain name under for free. However, some companies provide the domain name by taking money from the customer. Please be aware the domain name registration for is completely free in Nepal.

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