Plumber Jobs in Canada with Salary

Are you searching for Plumber jobs in Canada? If yes, you are in the right place. Various plumbing companies are searching for experienced plumbers in Canada. Until the end, you will learn about different plumbing jobs in other parts of Canada. If you are a professional Plumber interested in doing plumbing jobs, you can apply with the updated CV and cover letter.

Different parts of Canada, like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Ontario, Alberta, and McMurray, are actively searching for plumbers. Ensure you have experience in plumbing jobs, as it requires plumbing skills.

Plumbing Job Openings in Canada for Foreigners 2023

Plumbing Job Openings in Canada for Foreigners 2023
Working Site Malls, Department Stores, Corporate Buildings Hospitals, Airports & Many more
Job Location Across Canada
Nationality All Nationality Can Apply
Language English, French
Education Diploma/Degree and Equivalent
Experience Experience an asset (Minimum 2 years)
Credentials Listed Below
Salary Range $15–$45 Per Hour
Employee Benefits Attractive

Plumber Job Details in Canada with Salaries

  • Language English
  • Education: Certificate or diploma in other trades
    Plumbing Technology/Plumber
  • Salary: Provided in the vacancy table below
  • Credentials (certificates, licenses, memberships, courses, etc.) – may vary based on employer requirementsGas Installation LicenseCommercial Plumber CertificationBackflow Prevention CertificationThe fifth internPlumber Red Seal Certificate

    Commercial Plumber Certification

    The fourth intern

    The third batch of interns

    Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Certificate

    Occupational Health and Safety Certificate

    natural gas license

    first aid certificate

    CPR Certificate

    Plumber Red Seal Certificate

    Commercial Plumber Certification

    Gas fitter red stamp certificate

  • Experience: at least 2 years to less than 5 years
  • Areas of Expertise: Tanks; Ovens; Boilers
  • Work place: Residential
  • Safeguards: Criminal Background Checks
  • Own Tools/Equipment: Tools
  • Traffic/travel information: self-owned vehicle; valid driver’s license
  • Personal Suitability: Accurate; Team player; Excellent Oral Skills; Client Focus; Judgment

Specific skills needed to work in plumbing in Canada

The plumbing System plays a vital role in the Household, Factory, Hospitality Business, and Commercial Building. A plumber must know his skills related to plumbing, like installing, repairing and maintaining the plumbing items.

A plumber must first check how the piping system works and should determine how much pipe is required for the factory. A proper plan should be made before installing the pipes. As such, a plumber should adequately check the roadmap of the plumbing systems, water networks and drainage system.

Once the plumbing size is allocated and measured, A plumber must measure, cut, and bend the pipes to the desired shapes and sizes. A plumber should have proper attention to and details of the piping system to make the lines fit seamlessly and not leak.

And finally, after setting and cutting the pipe and making the holes needed in the walls. The plumber must test the lines for leaks or air leaks. A small leak in the tube is also dangerous in the long run. A professional plumber must thoroughly understand the piping system and the technique and tools needed for the plumbing. This expertise ensures clean water and sanitation for homes, industries and businesses.

Latest Plumber Jobs in Canada with Salary 2023

Explore the job title and the list of plumbing jobs in your area. Apply where you can think you can work.

Job Title Salary Location
The Plumber N/A London (ON)
John the Plumber Ottawa N/A Mississauga (ON)
Service Experts N/A Edmonton (AB)
Pow City Mechanical Ltd. N/A Moose Jaw (SK)
PWC Plumbing Inc. $35.00 to $45.00 hourly Barrie (ON)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A North Vancouver (BC)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A North Vancouver (BC)
Mid-City Plumbing & Heating Inc. $22.50- $37 Estevan (SK)
Countryside Homes and RV $25.00 to $30.00 hourly Bowden (AB)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A Vancouver (BC)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A Vancouver (BC)
Envol N/A Burnaby (BC)
FAUCHON ELECTRIC LIMITED $40.00 an hour or more North Battleford (SK)
Coffey Plumbing, a div. of KTS Plumbing & Heating LTD. $32.00 to $38.00 hourly Arthur (ON)
Mr. Rooter Plumbing $30.19 to $40.70 hourly Sault Ste. Marie (ON)
One Source Home Services N/A Greater Sudbury (ON)
REAL-R N/A Airdrie (AB)
REAL-R N/A Cochrane (AB)
REAL-R N/A Okotoks (AB)
Stein Electric Corp. Competitive based on experience. Saskatoon (SK)
Joel Mechanical Inc. N/A Concord (ON)
Stacey Plumbing $40.00 hourly London (ON)
FireGuard Sprinkler Inc $31.00 to $32.00 hourly Halifax (NS)
Pow City Mechanical Ltd. N/A Carrot River (SK)
Pow City Mechanical Ltd. N/A Prince Albert (SK)
Stein Electric Corp. Competitive based on experience. Saskatoon (SK)
Leostar Development Group Inc. $80,000.00 annually North York (ON)
VT Plumbing Inc $35.00 hourly Port Perry (ON)
Kent Homes N/A Brunswick Mines (NB)
Rahall Mechanical Inc. N/A Edmonton (AB)
GEORGE FORSYTH PLUMBING & HEATING INC. $18.00 to $30.00 hourly Delhi (ON)
Service Experts N/A Edmonton (AB)
MCB Plumbing Canada Ltd. $34.00 to $38.00 hourly Toronto (ON)
Talent Leverage N/A Weyburn (SK)
Corner Gas Plumbing $18.00 to $30.00 hourly London (ON)
Boardwalk N/A Calgary (AB)
DBNC Group Inc. N/A Mississauga (ON)
Clean Water Works Canada Inc. $25.00 hourly Ottawa (ON)
Naylor Building Partnerships N/A Whitby (ON)
Naylor Building Partnerships N/A Richmond Hill (ON)
RAY-Z PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD $25.00 hourly Airdrie (AB)
RAY-Z PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD $25.00 hourly Calgary (AB)
Air Canada N/A Vancouver (BC)
Yellow Submarine Plumbing & Rooter $35.00 to $50.00 hourly Nanaimo (BC)
Lang’s Home Energy $28.00 to $41.00 hourly Elmwood (ON)
G & R Mechanical Contracting Inc. $39.00/Hour Regina (SK)
Envol N/A Burnaby (BC)
The Plumbineers Plumbing and Heating Inc. N/A Red Deer (AB)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A North Vancouver (BC)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A North Vancouver (BC)
Alliance Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning N/A Regina (SK)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A Vancouver (BC)
Vancouver Coastal Health N/A Vancouver (BC)
R&M Mechanical $30.00 hourly Burnaby (BC)
Lisi Mechanical $20.00 to $36.00 hourly
Countryside Homes and RV $25.00 to $30.00 hourly Bowden (AB

Job Benefits for Plumbers in Canada

Everyone thinks plumbing jobs are complex and risky, but they don’t see the benefits. Plumbing jobs provide disability benefits, medical benefits, mileage paid, dental benefits, group insurance benefits, and life insurance benefits.

Disability benefits are those provided to workers when there is illness or injury during the plumbing works. These benefits help provide financial assistance to cover the medical expenses of the plumbers and their families.

Mileage benefits are those benefits provided to workers when they have to travel for work-related purposes. Plumbers are paid when they must go to a particular place for work.

Dental benefits are those benefits that cover the cost of the dental. Group insurance benefits include the insurance of the plumbers.

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