OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal [Updated]

Known as Flagship Killer, OnePlus always tries to provide high-end flagship phones at a reasonable price compared to some other companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google. When high-end flagship used to cost over $1000, OnePlus used to launch phones with similar specifications at a much reasonable price. That’s why everyone loved OnePlus. But what is the price of OnePlus Phones in Nepal?

Since the launch of 1st OnePlus Phone in 2014, OnePlus has always delivered budget flagship phones and has taken a wide range of market, especially in the south Asian market. In Nepal, also, OnePlus phones are quite popular, especially for gaming and great performance.

But in recent times, OnePlus is also planning to take over the budget segment with phones like OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord 100, etc. And the flagship features on OnePlus phones are increasing day by day without a doubt. But of the major features of the OnePlus being missed nowadays. i.e., Pricing. OnePlus phones are not that well priced compared to the last few years.

Kratos Technologies is the official authorized distributor of the OnePlus Phone in Nepal. Not only offline, but OnePlus Phones in Nepal are also available on different online stores like Daraz, SastoDeal, OlizStore, and other online stores. So, let’s check out the official OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal.

OnePlus Mobile Phones Price in Nepal

Oneplus Mobiles Model Price in Nepal 
OnePlus Nord N100 Coming Soon
OnePlus Nord N10 5G Rs. 39,499 (6/128GB)
OnePlus Nord Rs. 53,999 (8/128GB)
Rs. 63,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8 Rs.93,000 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8T Rs. 78,999 (8/128GB)
Rs. 85,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8 Pro Rs.125,999 (12/256GB)

Authorized Distributor of OnePlus in Nepal

Kratos Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Address: TU Road, Kuleshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal (Machhapuchchhre Bank Building 2nd Floor)
  • Phone: 01-4286616 | 01-4286626
  • Email:

Where to buy OnePlus Mobiles in Nepal?

OnePlus phones are available in different offline stores in Nepal as well.

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