Nepal government issues Nagarik App Guidelines 2078: Policies for Registration and Services


    • Nagarik app is a digital system developed by Nepal government to deliver all public services via a single platform
    • The app was released on May 2, 2021 and now it has got new guidelines update
    • There are policy changes regarding user registration and service delivery units

    Nagarik app is an all in one service portal developed to provide almost every governmental services to citizens, through a single digital platform. Nepal government has recently issued new guidelines regarding the app registration and service delivery. The app has already received great acceptance from the public. Such growing popularity of Nagarik app is a sign of the “Sarkari Sewa haat haata ma” motto coming true.

    Available Government Units and Departments

    At the initial stage, the Nagarik app has integrated partial government units. The administration has announced to add more services in upcoming updates. Currently, following departments are available for users to access governmental services:

    • Offices of Nepal Government’s Ministries, Departments and Units and Offices
    • Offices, units, authorities, corporations and councils having full or partial ownership of Nepal Government
    • Courts, Constitutional Bodies, Commissions and Secretariat Offices
    • State Government units
    • Local Government
    • Universities

    Guidelines Update: Registration and Service Delivery

    The office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers published the Nagarik app Operation and Management Guidelines – 2078 on Asadh 15. It is an update to the previous Nagarik Mobile App Operations Guidelines- 2076 which is no more valid. The major changes include updates concerning the services provided through Nagarik app, the responsibilities of related authorities in operations and management, and some user guidelines for the public as well.

    Citizens can register as Nagarik app users by following the given steps:

    1. Enter the mobile number registered in their own name. The app won’t verify your ID with the number which is not issued in your name by the telecom authority.
    2. After entering the mobile number, users will receive an OTP in that number for verification
    3. Users need to add their personal details along with an identity document which can be either their Citizenship, Voters’ Card or Passport
    4. Nagarik App then forwards this user information to match with the KYC in their respective telecommunication service providers for further verification
    5. Once the verification is complete, users get notification within the app. In case of verification failure, users can proceed again by following the suggested instructions

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    Policy Updates for Service Providers

    There are also some new guidelines for the service providers who deliver their services via Nagarik App. The service providers should be able to make their online services available in Nagarik app for 24 hours for the users; governmental units are most likely to abide by this rule. Moreover, telecom companies should issue SIM cards only to the users who use their own name for SIM registration.

    Nagarik app Roles and Responsibilities of Authorities

    The app was developed under the collaboration of Prime Minister’s IT Consultant with the Communications, Information and Technology, Nepal Information Technology Centre, Office of Ministers and Council of Ministers. Hence all departments have their own roles and responsibilities in maintaining a progressive operation and management of the app.

    The Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology is the prime authority to handle operations, data management, technical maintenance and data security. Likewise, the Office of Prime Minister is accountable to act as a facilitator in the operations of Nagarik App, securing the users privacy by coordinating the assigned ministries and departments.

    As per the guidelines, an action plan for Nagarik App would be prepared and presented to the PM’s office in every four months. There is also a rule for conducting technical audit of the system of Nagarik App in every 6 months to ensure data security.

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