How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

Nagarik app is a one-step solution to digitally access every governmental services possible. Nepal government has recently published the full version of the Nagarik app a few months of the beta test. The new update is available with more useful features and services.

Users can now use the Nagarik app to register Personal Account Number (PAN), Police Clearance Report (PCR), Health Insurance Board, Educational documents, Citizen Investment Fund, Provident Fund, Social Security Fund, Hello Sarkar, Citizenship and Passport. As per the latest feature of the App, now citizens can create bank account online via Nagarik App.

To access all these services via the app, first, you need to sign up for to Nagarik app with a mobile number registered under your own name.

Why do I need a PAN?

A permanent Account Number is an official document assigned by the government to its citizens that identifies them as the taxpayer of the country. It allows the government to track records of the taxes paid by the employed citizens.

You need to use your PAN while doing financial transactions like salary payment, import, export, loan, and business transactions. More than 13,000 users have already registered their PAN just using the beta version of the Nagarik app.

Steps to Register PAN using Nagarik app

PAN register feature was already included in its beta version. You can get your PAN with the help of the Nagarik app by following few simple steps.

  1. For PAN registration via the Nagarik app, you need to verify your citizenship details. You can verify your citizenship by selecting the ‘Citizenship’ option in the app. Then add your citizenship number, date of birth, district of registration, and date of entry.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. Next, the app will validate your given details by comparing them with the approved details in the Ministry of Home Affairs. If you have already added your citizenship details during app registration, you can skip this step.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. Now go to the PAN option and click on ‘Register PAN’ at the bottom

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. Then select your nearest Tax and Revenue office and proceed. There your verified details will be automatically filled up.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. After this, take a passport size photo from your phone camera and upload it. You can also use an existing passport size photo.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. Upload your photo by selecting the picture icon at the top of your personal details.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. Add remaining details in the form and rectify all mistakes.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

  1. By doing this, your application will be ready. Now complete the process by clicking the Submit button on the bottom right corner. After completion, you will receive your PAN within the app.

How to Register PAN using Nagarik app?

Confused with Steps? Here is a video tutorial to create PAN Card using Nagarik App.


PAN is an important element similar to any other official documents like citizenship and passport, necessary to access various government services related to tax and revenue. Having a PAN allows you to secure such services while doing financial transactions.

Earlier, citizens needed to visit the website of the Inland Revenue Department to apply for PAN registration which required manually fill up all necessary details. Besides, the process had to go through multiple verification processes before final submission. All these steps used to make PAN registration lengthy and stressful.

Hence, the PAN registration feature in the Nagarik app will be eliminating all manual data submission processes and make it quick and effortless to get your PAN registered.

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