How To Get International Payment Dollar Prepaid Card in Nepal?

It’s finally happening: the dream to make an international purchase from Nepal has turned into reality. Nepal Rastra Bank gave good news by issuing a circular that states some amendments to Unified Directive 2076. The amendment reads that the NRB allows issuing a Prepaid Card for international payment to Nepali nationals with a maximum limit of $500 per year.

Making the above statement clearer: one can now pay money in the form of a dollar for the international products and services from Nepal with their self-owned Prepaid Dollar Card instead of using PayPal or the card of friends and relatives residing abroad. 

Nepalese, especially students, can now easily pay on their own for TOEFL/GRE/SAT exams fees. Other online services like Netflix, Amazon, Online Ads, and many more would be easily purchasable from Nepal. Similarly, online shopping from Amazon, Alibaba, and other international e-commerce is now possible.

How to get a Prepaid Dollar Card in Nepal?

After the proposal for an international payment system in Nepal, NRB is finally allowing international payment. Hence to make the international payment from Nepal, one should apply for the Prepaid Card or Dollar Card for international transactions by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the commercial or development bank where you have a bank account. (If you don’t have a bank account, you can create a bank account online from Nagarik App.)
  2. Fill up the form that the bank provides. (general information like name, address, citizenship number, PAN number, need to be filled)
  3. Deposit the amount of dollar you want to deposit initially. You need to pay it in NPR to the bank. (Exchange rate of NPR to USD of the same day will be applicable)
  4. Verify Know Your Customer (KYC).
  5. You need to have a PAN card. So, Verify your PAN number.
    (If you do not have a PAN number, you can apply for a PAN number via Nagarik App.)
  6. Now, you will get your payment cards within few hours or 2-3 business days. (The time duration can differ for each bank)

Once the card is approved, you can use it for international payment without any restrictions.

What are the terms and conditions of the Prepaid Dollar Card in Nepal?

The permitted “A” Class Commercial Banks, national level “B” Class Development banks and the user should follow the following rules for issuing  and using the Prepaid Card worth $500 or its equivalent:

  1. Those people, firm companies, or organizations aiming to have a Prepaid Card of foreign currency can exchange the Nepali rupees from their respective bank account into the card. For card issuance, one should have to Know Your Customer (KYC) details and PAN number.
  2. The amount of $500 or equivalent can be deposited as per the currency’s exchange rate on the same day when the applicant submits the request.
  3. Users can make a maximum payment of $500 or equivalent at once or from time to time in a single year. The starting day of the year is the day of activation of the card.
  4. User can purchase only those products and services which are legally allowed in Nepal
  5. Excluding the condition of no. 6, banks cannot deposit more than $500 or equivalent in the user card.
  6. If the card user earns money by providing online services in foreign countries, the bank should make it feasible to deposit the amount in the user’s card. The bank should also make it possible to deposit the amount in his/her balance account. If the amount is more than $5000 or its equivalent, it should be deposited in the balance account.
  7. If the user earns money through online services in foreign countries, he/she is liable to spend the sum of the $500 and his/her earnings to make the transaction in a single year.  But the maximum spending amount of the year cannot be more than $5000 or equivalent.

    For example, if you earn $4000 through online services, you can use the $4000 plus $500 for the transaction. But if you earn $6000, you can again use $4500 from your earning plus $500; the remaining $1500 will be deposited on your balance account.
  8. During the application process for the prepaid card, the customer should have a letter of self-manifesto that states they are not issued with similar service from the other permitted banks.
  9. The card should be issued so that the user will be able to use the amount from their account for the transaction, and the bank issuing the card should match the respective PAN number.
  10. If the respective authority finds any user having more than one prepaid card from the permitted “A” Class Commercial Banks and national level “B” Class Development Banks, in that case, action will be taken under the Foreign Exchange Act, 2019.
  11. During the transaction through the card, the user should follow Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2064, including other prevailing laws, rules, and instructions 
  12. The details of the prepaid card issued or the invoice of the investment done through the card should be submitted in an attached format within the seven days of the end of the month, by the “A” Class Commercial Banks and national level “B” Class Development Banks to the Department of Foreign Exchange Management.
  13. In the case of money to be returned according to the prevailing law or if the user requests for the return of the balance deposited in the card, the respective bank should deposit the amount in the user’s account as per the exchange rate of the same day.
  14. The user cannot use the card in other services, excluding the payment of products and services. The card should also be made defective for using as an ATM card, trading through POS, and another online trading.
  15. The NRB can ask for the bill, invoice, and other details regarding the imports of the products or services ordered by the cardholder. The user should submit the clearance letter to the respective “A” Class Commercial Banks or national level “B” Class Development Banks in such cases.
  16. If NRB finds the user performing transactions that are unfavorable to the specified limit, condition, and the system, it will cancel the card’s transaction at any time. NRB will then take strict action against the user. Also, such cards are liable to be suspended at any time.

List of Commercial Banks and Development Banks of Nepal that provides Prepaid Dollar Card:

Commercial Banks (Class “A” Banks)

  1. Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. (ADBNL)
  2. Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. (RBB)
  3. Nepal Bank Ltd. (NBL)
  4. Nabil Bank Ltd. (NABIL)
  5. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL)
  6. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. (NBB)
  7. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. (SCBNL)
  8. Himalayan Bank Ltd. (HBL)
  9. Everest Bank Ltd. (EBL)
  10. Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Ltd. (BOK)
  11. Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBI)
  12. Citizens Bank International Ltd. (Citizens)
  13. NIC ASIA Bank Ltd. (NIC)
  14. Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd. (MBL)
  15. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC)
  16. Siddhartha Bank Ltd. (SBL)
  17. Kumari Bank Ltd. (Kumari)
  18. Civil Bank Ltd. (Civil)
  19. Laxmi Bank Ltd. (Laxmi)
  20. Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. (Prime)
  21. NMB Bank Ltd. (NMB)
  22. Prabhu bank Ltd. (PRABHU)
  23. Global IME Bank Ltd. (Global)
  24. Sunrise Bank Ltd. (Sunrise)
  25. Century Commercial Bank Ltd. (Century)
  26. Sanima Bank Ltd. (Sanima)
  27. Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. (Mega)

Development Banks (Class “B” Banks)

  1. Sahayogi Vikas Bank Ltd. 
  2. Karnali Development Bank Ltd.
  3. Excel Development Bank Ltd.
  4. Narayani Development Bank Ltd.
  5. Mitera Development Bank Ltd.
  6. Kanchan Development Bank Ltd.
  7. Sindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.
  8. Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.
  9. Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd.
  10. Sahara Bikas Bank Ltd.
  11. Deva Development Bank Ltd.
  12. Salapa Bikas Bank Ltd.
  13. Shangrila Development Bank Ltd.
  14. Corporate Development Bank Ltd.
  15. Green Development Bank Ltd.
  16. Garima Bikas Bank Ltd.
  17. Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.
  18. Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd.
  19. Lumbini Bikash Bank Ltd.
  20. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd.
  21. Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd.
  22. Gandaki Bikas Bank Ltd.
  23. Saptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.
  24. Tinau Mission Bikash Bank Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we use PayPal now?

Yes, for sure. To use PayPal, one should link his/her credit card or bank account with his/her PayPal account. Since our credit card or bank account has Nepalese currency, PayPal could not accept it. But now, with a Prepaid Dollar Card, it is feasible to link the PayPal account. However, you can load USD from your card to PayPal, but Nepal-based PayPal accounts cannot receive credit in their PayPal account.

Can we borrow products from Amazon?

Probably no. Since the e-commerce giant- Amazon – hasn’t started its service in Nepal, it may not let us borrow the products. Meanwhile, as the payment method was a barrier, we can now order products from other international e-commerce, which ships their products to Nepal.

Can I apply for the issue of more than one Prepaid Card or Dollar Card?

No, you cannot apply for issuing more than one Prepaid Dollar Card. As mentioned in the above terms and conditions (No.10), having more than one Prepaid Dollar Card is a punishable act.

What are the charges or TAX while using the card?

For the initial Activation of the card, you need to pay Rs. 500. Also, Rs 500 will be charged for overall transactions in a year. After, that you can easily make payments from the card without any restrictions and fees.

How can I increase the limit of amounts in the Prepaid Dollar Card?

The only way to increase the amount of a Prepaid Dollar Card is if you earn by providing your service to foreign countries. However, the maximum limit is $5000. (Read the condition no 6 and 7 to be more transparent). Note: We contacted few commercial banks, As of now prepaid card can only be used in one way (Only paying), that means you won't be able to receive money on that card. But, later on, NRB will make a bold decision on it.

What happens if I do not use the amount I deposited?

If you do not use the amount deposited in your Prepaid Dollar Card, the respective bank will return the money as per the exchange rate of the day.


It was one of the most awaited decisions for most businesses, people, and firms, and it is happening. It will indeed contribute to the country’s economy, on top of that general people can enjoy the international services and products without any hassle. Nepal is moving towards digitization steps by steps, which positively impacts the way we live and consume the services. 

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