Chaudhary Group Introduces CG Fiber Net of 120 Mbps at Just Rs 999 in Kathmandu

CG Communication Limited – one of the child companies under CG Group,  has been preparing to provide Fiber Internet at an affordable price in Nepal. It has now completed the first phase of the work, and it is offering internet services in some places of Kathmandu Valley. It has brought a plan for the service at half the price of what the current ISPs provide in Nepal. 

CG Communication greatly influences the functional ability and positively impacts the public and private sector’s quality of services via CG net.

The company provides 120 Mbps of CG net for just Rs 999 per month and Rs 11,988 per year. The fastest bandwidth option we get from other ISPs are 100 Mbps for Rs 21,600 per year from Vianet and 80 Mbps for Rs. 22,000 per year from Worldlink.

It believes in bringing a new experience to the consumer. It aims to provide internet service across the country in both industrial as well as personal sectors.

It is also planning to bring IP TV and other exciting services. It is trying to provide its service to fulfill the demand arising from Video, OTT platform, and work from home scenarios.

Firstly, it will provide the service in the Kathmandu valley, which includes the three districts- Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. The service is now available in Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, Bhanimandal, and Ekantakuna.

According to the company, in 12 months, the internet service will be available in all the places inside Kathmandu valley. It promises that once you want to subscribe to the service and order for the service, they will get it done within 6 to 24 hours.

CG telecom has aimed to implement CG net throughout the country within the end of 2078 B.S. For customer service, it has established CG Digital Branch in Jawalakhel, Kumaripati, Kirtipur, Nayabazar, Minbhawan, and Trade Tower Thapathali.

As the network gets extended in the coming days, the customer services offices will be built in other places around the valley. As a service inauguration offer, the company is providing 120 Mbps of the internet for Rs.999.

For consumers opting for the yearly package, they will get a router and service for free. Likewise, for monthly, three-month, and six-month packages, service charges and cable will be free of cost.

Nirvana Chaudhary – Managing Director of CG Communication, says they have begun the CG Net services for providing high quality and affordable internet services in Nepal as they had promised. 

He further adds, “Daily life activities demand high-speed internet, and the demand has also been increasing. So, they have come with a firm determination to be the bold and competitive member in the broadband sector of Nepal.”

He says their presence will have a great meaning for the country to go Digital.

He believes that they will be capable of bringing high-speed services and fulfilling the market’s increasing demand.

CG Communication says it is competent to bring the Telecom Services in Nepal based on the world’s latest generation technology. For this, it believes that GC net is their first step in the Information Technology sector.

Introductory Offer of CG Internet in Nepal

Speed Package Price Installation Charge Drop Wire Charge Single Band Router Double Band Router
120 Mbps 1 month NPR 999/- Free Free NPR 2,500 NPR 3,500
120 Mbps 3 months NPR 2,997/- Free Free NPR 2,000 NPR 3,000
120 Mbps 6 months NPR 5,994 Free Free NPR 1,500 NPR 2,500
120 Mbps 12 months NPR 11,988 Free Free Free Free

The amount mentioned above is inclusive of the Telecom Service Charge but exclusive of the 13% VAT.

Also, they will ask for NPR 500 as a deposit, which is refundable if the subscriber returns the router in working condition.

CG had also applied for the Unified Telecommunication license but could not get it due to some reasons. In our previous article we have already covered the details of the unified license and why CG could not get it. However, their entry into the ISP market will undoubtedly impact the consumer and the service provider. 

Comparison among different ISP’s pricing and CG Net pricing

We may also witness other ISPs providing a competitive price after the CG Internet gets fully implemented. Well, for that we have to wait for a while. Meanwhile, you can have some comparisons among the ISP of Nepal from the below table.

CG Net                       Worldlink                       Vianet
120 Mbps 80 Mbps 60 Mbps 100 Mbps 75 Mbps
1 month NPR 999   


NPR 2,200     N/A         N/A
3 months NPR 2,997 NPR 6,450
6 months NPR 5,994    N/A
12 months NPR 11,988 NPR 22,000 NPR 22,00 NPR  21,600 NPR 17,400
Extras N/A Free NetTV for 12 months
Free NetTV Prime for 3 months
Free Via TV for 12 months

All the amounts mentioned above are exclusive of 13% VAT.

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