WorldLink To Build 14 Data Center With The largest And Internationally Accredited Data Center

WorldLink, the largest ISP in Nepal, announced to build 14 Data Centers in 14 Major Towns across all the seven provinces of Nepal on 28th January 2021. On Thursday, it declared to build the data center worth NPR 300 core in three years during the press conference.

The internet traffic in Nepal is rising these days due to the pandemic as every sector has adopted virtual working through the internet, especially the education sectors and remote jobs. And we can expect traffic to soar in the upcoming days by a considerable margin. Also, the Government’s project of Digital Nepal is getting on its track. There is a need for developed networks and technologies for all the above reasons.

The Government, as well as the private sector, are responsible for building sustainable digital technologies as well as cloud-dependent services.

Worldlink has concluded an extreme need for a secured and internationally certified Data Center in Nepal. Talking at the press conference, CEO of Worldlink, Mr. Keshab Nepal, said, “Data Center will define where Nepal’s Internet will head to in 10 years“.

Among the 14 Data Centers to be built in 14 cities in all the provinces, the Data Center at Kathmandu will be the largest, with International accreditation under Tier 4 design and Tier 3 certified. Simultaneously, the other Data Center will be medium and small-sized and Tier 2 certified.

The Data Centers will provide consumers the secured and qualitative internet services and help in the Digital Nepal project. The company also believes the Data Center will lead to faster, cheaper, and more reliable internet services.

These Data Centers will also benefit the other internet service provider and telecommunications services, including private and public sectors. Even the public and private companies will get world-class services with security and reliability to host their digital and cloud-dependent infrastructures.

Worldlink will work together with Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Nepal Electricity Authority, and Nepal Government to build the Data Center.

What are the 14 cities for building Data Centers by Worldlink?

The 14 cities for Worldlink to build Data Center are :

  1. Kathmandu (largest Data Center with 3MW)
  2. Bharatpur, Chitwan (500KW)

The following places will have a Data Center of 250-350 KW:

  1. Bhaktapur
  2. Lekhnath, Kaski
  3. Butwal
  4. Makwanpur, Hetauda
  5. Duhabi, Sunsari
  6. Birgunj, Parsa

Similarly, the small-sized Data Centers with 100-200 KW will be built in the below-mentioned town: 

  1. Dhalkebar
  2. Attariya
  3. Bhairahawa
  4. Kohalpur
  5. Surkhet
  6. Kathmandu

Kathmandu will have both the largest as well the small-sized Data Center.

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What is Data Center?

Data Center Of Nepal
Data Center

Data Center is the centralized location where many computer servers and their associated components like communication networks, storage devices, backups, cabling, cooling, environmental monitoring, and many others are placed. Businesses and organizations use Data Center to organize, process, and store a large amount of their data in an organized manner.

Why does it cost high?

In the beginning, small in-house dedicated servers are set up as the data center, but when the business expands slowly, they need more space and servers to function correctly. A company can still build the data center of their own, but they must maintain the proper cooling system, power supplies, dedicated internet connection, disaster security, and cybersecurity. They also need alternate solutions to essential components like uninterruptable power supply, backup generators—all of these demand large square footage to house the entire infrastructures and physical security.

These components directly increase the costs of the Data Center.

Data Center was introduced to decrease the cost of a dedicated server room and improve security. Several companies ask for the services in a large data center instead of building their own. Therefore, a company only has to pay the monthly/yearly charge, which will be lower than the price of their dedicated server room.

Where are the Data Centers in Nepal currently?

Some of the Data Centers in Nepal are:

  • GIDC (Government Integrated Data Center) – the only government data center of Nepal at Singha durbar
  • Data Hub Pvt. Ltd, Thapathali     
  • Data Space Pvt. Ltd, Putalisadak   
  • Ohm Data Center, Narayanhiti Path   
  • Access World Cloud Services Nepal, Krishna Galli (Lalitpur)    
  • Ncell Data Center (Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Hetauda, and Pokhara)
  • Cloud Himalaya, Thapathali     
  • Gurkha Host Datacenter, Jwagal
  • Silver Lining, Durbarmarg   

What are the benefits of having a Data Center?

Top companies like Apple and Facebook depend upon the data center to provide services. The primary benefits of the Data centers are:

  • High Availability
  • Great Performance
  • High security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cost-effective


The Data Centers currently functioning are of average quality and somehow don’t meet the standard. So, a company like Worldlink can bring national and international level Data Center, which will benefit all the consumers and internet service provider. Also, technology’s growth is shooting up like a rocket, and we are still far behind in Nepal. Having multiple Data Centers will boost the internet’s speed in every corner of the country. Hence, the decision made is a piece of good news for all of us. 

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