Rabi Lamichhane, Will Raise the Fund to treat COVID-19 Patients via Game Show

    With the advent of the second wave of coronavirus, Nepal faces a severe shortage of essential health equipment to treat the COVID-19 patients. The reported infections and the death tolls are rising exponentially with each passing day. As a result, several hospitals have circulated the notice stating they can no longer treat the new patients. But if we take proper initiatives from an individual level, there is no doubt in easing the situation. 

    Meanwhile, Rabi Lamichhane and his team have initiated a response team by collaborating with Janamaitri Hospital to help those infected by COVID-19. The primary focus of this collaboration is to help those who cannot afford the service from the hospital due to lack of money. You can also join the initiative by playing an online game through the Doko App.

    Doko App Overview

    Doko App has a quiz game under the program “Kaamka Kura”; you can register for the game and play to win. The money used for registration will go to the fund, which helps treat the COVID-19 patients who lack money. Rabi Lamichhane has stated that their priority will be given to economically weak patients.

    More about Doko App and the Game

    Doko App is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices. You have to download the app from Play Store or App Store and register for the game under “Kaamka Kura.” Rabi Lamichhane himself will host the game. He will host three games per week, and each winner in a day can earn up to 1 Lakh by giving the correct answer to the quiz. 

    The registration fee is Rs. 19 for the daily package, which will go directly for the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Likewise, it also has a weekly package, monthly package, and season package for Rs. 49, Rs 199, and Rs 499, respectively. The game will last for 45 minutes. Everybody from around the world can play the game at the same time.

    Mr. Lamichhane says, “To maintain the transparency, details on each day about the number of players who played the game and the money collection will be published.” 

    Janamaitri Hospital has more than 100 regular beds, 12 ICU beds, and 7 ventilators. The hospital is in Balaju, Kathmandu. Similarly, the contract between the Galaxy 4K TV and the hospital is already signed. They have promised to treat the patient for less than the fee allocated by the Government of Nepal. 

    According to Rabi Lamichhane, the team had conceptualized the game during the first wave of COVID. They wanted to help those who had lost their jobs, who could not buy basic needs, and those affected by the pandemic. 

    The game show is in the trial phase, for which you need to register. After the trial, the money you paid for the trial game will be either refunded or used to play the game in the future.

    If you have any problem or curiosity regarding the COVID-19, you can also contact the Galaxy Help Desk, whose phone numbers are 9851322111 (NTC) and 9801038181 (Ncell).


    Rabi Lamichhane and his team have taken a commendable step in helping the people to get a proper treatment of COVID-19. You can also support the initiative by playing the game as everyone will win, either for themselves or to treat the patient. So it is a win-win game for everyone. On top of that, we request everyone to follow the health precautions and safety measures recommended by the Government and the concerned organizations.

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