Google Announces Google Pixel Buds A-Series at an Affordable Price 


  • Google launched Google Pixel Buds A-Series on 3rd June 2021.
  • The earbuds are similar to the previous generation’s Pixel Buds
  • The official price of the Google Pixel Buds A-Series is $99 in the US.

On 3rd June 2021, Google launched a new pair of earbuds as Google Pixel Buds A-Series. The company has already tweeted about the earbuds before the release prematurely. They are affordable earbuds from google. The price of the earbuds is $99 in the USA. And the expected price of Google Pixel Buds A-Series in Nepal is NPR 13,000.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series Overview

Google launched the Pixel Buds A-Series without any event. They are the true wireless earbuds that are quite affordable. They seem to be nearly identical to the previous generation of Pixel Buds.


The Pixel Buds A-Series measures 20.57 x 29.21 x 17.53 mm. Each of the earbuds weighs 5.10 grams. On the other hand, the charging case measures 63 x 47 x 25 mm.Google Pixel Buds A-Series Image 1

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series has an IPX4 rating, which protects the earbuds from the splash of water. Its design is done perfectly to snug and securely fit during work out. The charging case is egg-shaped and, unfortunately, lacks wireless charging.

The earbuds have two color options: Clearly White and Dark Olive.


The earbuds have a 12 mm dynamic driver inside each of them and a spatial vent for in-ear pressure reduction and awareness. According to Google, the spatial vents prevent plugged ear feelings. They also have passive noise reduction; however, they lack active noise cancellation. Google Pixel Buds A-Series Image 2

The adaptive sound of the earbuds adjusts the volume to fit the surroundings automatically. Likewise, the new Bass Boost feature makes the low-frequency sound more powerful.


The earbuds can pair with any Android device running on Android 6.0 or later with just one tap.  They support Bluetooth 5.0.


The earbuds feature a dual beamforming mic for phone calls. It reduces the outside noise and lets you focus on your voice during the call.

As with most earbuds, the Google Pixel Earbuds A-Series also has a touch sensor for calls, music, and Google Assistant controls. A solo tap lets you play or pause the music or answer the call, whereas the double and triple tap skips the current track or plays the previous track, respectively. A long press summons the Google Assistant.Google Pixel Buds A-Series Image 3

They also feature an IR proximity sensor to detect if the earbuds are in the ear and auto-play and pause accordingly.

Furthermore, they have a motion-detecting accelerometer. A Hall Effect sensor in the charging case detects if it is open or closed. 

Another exciting feature of the earbuds is Google’s Live Translation feature; it has real-time translation in more than 40 languages. It facilitates conversation among two different languages. To use it, you can give one of the earbuds to another person and ask Google to translate from one language to another.


The earbuds have a battery life of 5 hours of music or 2.5 hours of talking. With 15 minutes of charge in the case, it can deliver up to 3 hours of music or 1.5 hours of talk time. The charging case has 19 hours of battery. Likewise, it takes one hour to charge the earbuds to their full capacity.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series Specifications

Dimensions 20.7 x 29.3 x 17.5 mm (earbuds)
63 x 47 x 25 mm (charging case)
Weight 5.1 grams (each earbud)
54 grams (with charging case)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Audio 12 mm dynamic driver
Passive noise reduction
Spatial vent for in-ear pressure reduction and spatial awareness
Voice Dual beamforming microphone
Battery Up to 5 hours of listening time or up to 2.5 hours of talk time (without case)
Up to 24 hours of listening time or up to 12 hours of talk time (with case)
15 mins of charge give 3 hours of listening time or up to 1.5 hours of talk time
Charging USB Type-C charging port
Sensors Capacitive touch sensors
IR proximity sensor
Motion detecting accelerometer
Hall effect sensor (charging case)
Colors Clearly White, Dark Olive

Google Pixel Buds A-Series Expected Price in Nepal and Availability

The price of the Google Pixel Buds A-Series in the USA is USD 99. However, if the Google Pixel Buds A-Series arrives in Nepal, the price of the earbuds may be around NPR 13,000.

Earbuds Price in the US Expected Price in Nepal
Google Pixel Buds A-Series USD 99 NPR 13,000

Meanwhile, you can check the AQFit TWS Earbuds that are already available in Nepal.

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