Metropolitan Traffic Police Division unveils new Online Payment System for Traffic Rule Violation fine payment

Violating traffic rules is something you should avoid at any cost, but being a human, we happen to make mistakes. However, before you read the article, I suggest you drive safely and not violate the traffic rules. 

The Nepal Traffic Police division has taken a good initiative for making the fine payment easy. You can now pay the fine for violating the traffic rules through an online payment method. Find out about the new online system and pay the traffic fine online.

Traffic Violation Record System

On 3rd February 2021, Metropolitan Traffic Police Division inaugurated the new Traffic Violation Record System (TVRS) software to let the violators pay a fine online. The software is developed to make the fine payment of violation of the traffic rules easy.

According to SSP Janak Bhattarai, TVRS is an integrated product of Revenue Management Information System and the other affiliated payment system, through which you can make real-time payment of the fine and the amount from your bank will be deducted accordingly. Once the fine is paid, the violators should visit the traffic police office to collect their documents. The deposited amount will be directly transferred to the government’s revenue account due to which one does not have to visit the traffic police office to pay the fine from the concerned bank.”

He further adds, the hassle of paying fines to the traffic police office by visiting the appointed bank, has now come to an end with the introduction of the new payment system.”

Traffic Fine Payment Agreement with eSewa and connect IPS

An agreement with eSewa and Nepal clearing House (connect IPS) was also signed by SSP Janak Bhattarai, Mr. Roshan Lamichhane (on behalf of eSewa), and Mr. Neelesh Man Singh Pradhan (on behalf of connect IPS) on the event.

In the coming days, the traffic police department is confident of adding other digital service providers.

Due to technology and online payment service engagement, transportation management is expected to become more effective, requiring less human resources. During the online payment, Also the violator can pay a fine from anywhere at anytime

How to pay Traffic Fine through connect IPS?

  1. Login to the connect IPS using your username and password
  2. Go to the “Nepal Traffic Police” through Government Payment
  3. Fill in the form that appears on the screen.                                                                                        (Enter the details according to the slip given to you by the traffic police)
  4. Click on submit once you fill in the details. 
  5. Verify the transaction pin after which the transaction will be successfulconnect IPS Traffic Fine Payment

Connect IPS is a payment platform allowing customers to link their bank account to enable payment processors, billers payment, and fund transfer. It is an extended product of Nepal Clearing House supporting citizens to government, customer to business, peer-to-peer payment transaction directly from the bank account, or the bank account.

Fifty-six banks and financial institutions have already partnered with connect IPS.

How to pay Traffic Fine through eSewa?

  1. Login to the eSewa using your username and password
  2. Under Government Payment, you will find “Traffic Police Fine Payment.”
  3. Enter the slip number given by the traffic police and the fiscal year                                                (You will then get the detail of the fine amount and the rule you have violated)
  4. Click proceed
  5. Check the details again and click confirmeSewa Traffic Fine Payment

If you do not have an eSewa account, you can visit the nearby eSewa zone or Cash Points and pay through them.

More than 40 lakh accounts are in eSewa, while around one crore of 50 lakhs are indirectly using eSewa. Similarly, eSewa has more than one lakhs of agents (eSewa zone and point). The number of merchants in eSewa is more than 1lakhs 85 thousand.

You can also make the payment of internet, electricity, telephone, school and colleges’ fee and many other services are already running smoothly. More than fifty banks and financial institutions have partnered with eSewa. You can quickly deposit amounts in eSewa from the banks and vice versa.

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