Top 10 Popular Commercial Banks in Nepal


    • The first commercial bank in Nepal was established in 1937 which led to the official start of nationwide financial system.
    • On today’s date, there are 27 A-class banks operating in Nepal, categorized as the commercial banks.
    • Three of the commercial banks have government ownership while others are private Banks and Financial Institutions.

    Banking is one of the most essential sectors of our everyday life. People entrust banks with their money for saving at an appropriate interest rate. Banks also provide loans for various financial purposes whenever needed. There are numerous authorized banks in Nepal serving millions of citizens. Today, we’ll discuss about top 10 commercial banks of Nepal.

    There are several factors to consider when it comes to the best banking services. The amount of deposits indicates good reliability and saving services of the bank. Similarly, the amount of loans lend indicates the affordable interest rate and installment services. Many banks nowadays also provide services like mobile banking and online transaction for easy accessibility.

    List of Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    S/NBanks in NepalRemarks
    1Nepal Bank Ltd.First commercial bank in Nepal
    2Rashtriya  Banijya BankLargest commercial bank in Nepal
    3Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.Nepal and French investment joint venture
    4Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.Young and leading commercial bank
    5Agriculture Development BankSecond largest government bank in Nepal
    6Standard Chartered Bank NepalOne of largest international banks in Nepal
    7Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.First Indian joint venture bank in Nepal
    8Global IME BankMerger of Class-A and Class-C banks
    9Nabil Bank LimitedNepal’s first private sector bank
    10Everest Bank LimitedHigh end online banking services

    Nepal Bank Ltd.
    Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Nepal Bank Ltd. (NBL) was established in 1937 and is the first commercial bank of Nepal. NBL is a government owned bank, built under the joint venture between the government and the general public. Initially, NBL had 10 shareholders and the authorized capital was NPR 10 million with issued capital of NPR 2.5 million and NPR 842,000 paid-up capital.

    Nepal Bank Ltd. has a paid up capital of 842 crores. The bank has been serving clients through 178 branches from all over Nepal. It offers various banking services concerning deposits and loans, ATM, internet banking. There are 86 NBL ATM terminals while all the branches also operate digitally for online services.

    Head Office: Dharmapath, New Road, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4247192 / 4221185
    Fax: +977-1-4222381, 4220414

    Rashtriya Banijya BankTop 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Rashtriya Banijya Bank (RBB) is the largest commercial bank in Nepal and fully owned by the government. Established in 1966 and having full authority of the government, RBB provides banking services to a wide range of customers including banks, insurance companies, airlines, hotels and many other commercial and industrial sectors.

    Rashtriya Banijya Bank has the most widespread customer base, with an annual paid-up capital of over 900 crores. RBB has a history of more than 50 years of service, serving through a network of 238 branches, 93 branchless banking and 204 ATMs throughout the country.

    Head Office: Singhadurbar Plaza, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-425-2595
    Fax: +977-1-425-293

    Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) was established in 1986 under a joint venture between Nepalese investors and a French company. NIBL is also known as Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd. due to its shared scheme with Credit Agricole Indosuez. In 2001, Nepalese investors bought up to 50% of the shares of the French company.

    NIBL has successfully grown as one of the most reliable commercial banks in Nepal. The bank has a paid-up capital of over 1064 crores. It offers banking services to large number of customers, with a network of 82 branches, 16 extension counters, and 10 revenue collection counters.

    Head Office: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Telephone: +977-1-4228229
    Fax: +977-1-4226349, 4228927

    Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Mega Bank Nepal was established in 2010 and is a new name in the commercial banking sector. However, the bank has successfully established itself as one of the prominent banks in Nepal. MEGA was rewarded as the Bank of the Year in 2019, even before the completion of its first decade.

    Mega Bank Nepal has a paid-up capital of over 928 crores. With a progressive record of banking, MEGA has been serving its customers with 206 branches, 29 extended counters, and 142 ATMs all across Nepal.

    Head Office: Rising Mall, Kamladi, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977 01-4169254

    Agriculture Development Bank Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. (ADBL) was established in 1968 and works as an independent organization fully retained by Nepal government. The primary operational sector of ABDL is rural finance where it provides services like loans, savings and investments particularly in the agriculture fields. It also executes the Small Farmer Development Program as a major poverty mitigation approach.

    Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. started commercial banking service in 1984 and has a paid-up capital of over 1498 crores. Ever since then, the bank has been serving Nepalese farmers and general public with 240 branches 10 regional offices and 60 ATM outlets all over the country.

    Head Office: Ramshahapath, Kathmandu
    Toll-Free: 16600111110
    Telephone:977-1-4262605, 4219243, 4252359, 4252360
    Fax:977-1-4262676, 4262616, 4262929

    Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Nepal was established in 1987 and is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank PLC. with its headquarter in London. It is one of the most prestigious and largest international banks operating in Nepal. Being an integral part of Standard Chartered Group, the bank delivers truly international banking services in Nepal.

    Standard Chartered Bank has a paid-up capital of over 857 crores. It is also a pioneer to introduce advanced banking services like credit cards and ATMs in Nepal. Currently, the bank has 15 branches, 23 ATMs and several extension counters providing financial services to wide range of customers. The ATMs SCB also accept international cards making it easy for foreign visitors.

    Head Office: Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4781800, 4785190

    Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.

    Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBL) was established in 1992 under the joint venture of the State Bank of India (SBI), Employees Provident Fund and Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal. It is the first Indian joint venture in the banking and financial sector of Nepal. The state bank of India holds 55% of total capital share while the Employees Provident Fund holds 15% and the rest is held by the general public.

    NSBL has become one of the leading banks in Nepal with a paid-up capital of over 949 crores. It operates through 88 branches, 19 extension counters, 116 outlets, 118 ATMs and several regional and corporate offices, serving a large number of customers.

    Head Office: Kesharmahal, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4435613

    Global IME Bank Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Global IME Bank was established in 2007 and it offers all sorts of commercial banking services. The bank is a successful merger of Global Bank which is a Class-A bank with two other Class-C financial companies, IME Financial Institution and Lord Buddha Finance Ltd. Its shares are publicly traded as an ‘A’ category company in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

    Global IME Bank Ltd. has a paid-up capital of over 1920 crores. It provides banking services all over the country with 270 branches, 38 extension and revenue collection counters, and 257 ATMs.

    Head Office: Kamaladi, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4226247, 4228671
    Fax: +977-1-4228036

    Nabil Bank Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Nabil Bank Ltd. was established in 1984 as the first private sector bank in Nepal. The bank has a tagline “Together Ahead” and aims to stay dedicated to its customers, providing a full range of commercial banking services. It offers many modern banking services for more professional and satisfying results.

    Nabil Bank has a paid-up capital of over 1348 crores. Its network spreads through more than 1500 Nabil remits and has 112 branches and 175 ATMs across the country. One of the main objectives of Nabil bank is to extend international standard modern banking services to various commercial sectors.

    Head Office: Beena Marga, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4221718, 4227181
    Helpline: +977-1-5970015
    Fax: +977-1-4226905

    Everest Bank Ltd.Top 10 Commercial Banks in Nepal

    Everest Bank was established in 1994 under the joint venture of Punjab National Bank, where 20% equity share of the bank is held by the Punjab National Bank. It is one of the leading banks that provides advanced and high-end online banking services in Nepal.

    Everest bank has a paid-up capital of 851 crores. The bank has been services its customers through 95 branches, 123 ATMs, 3 extension counters and 31 Revenue collection counters across different cities and villages of the country. It provides a very efficient and easily accessible banking services to its customers.

    Head Office: EBL House, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
    Telephone: +977-1-4443377
    Fax: +977-1-4443160

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