Now you can pay after using CG internet money

Now CGnet customers will be able to pay only after using the internet. Internet service provider company CG Net has launched postpaid internet service for its customers.

Customers who have taken CGnet’s ‘postpaid’ service can pay the fee only after the end of the month of internet usage. The company said that such fees can be paid monthly.

Under this plan, users will have to pay a monthly fee of Rs 1,049 for 250 Mbps internet. Similarly, to use 250 Mbps internet with IPTV, one has to pay 1 thousand 154 rupees per month.

According to the company, under this plan, the postpaid plan has been moved forward as customers looking for high speed internet at a low price can now pay on a monthly basis without paying a lump sum.

Launched with the concept of “Service First, Money Later”, this scheme offers customers pay after using the internet. Now there is a system where you have to pay in advance to use the internet.

The company says that it is cheaper than regular prepaid plans and it provides service facilities equal to annual package even when paid monthly.

Also, apart from the deposit of Rs 2,500 which will be returned, the customer will not have to pay any additional charges such as router, drop-wire and connection costs, the company said. The company believes that this scheme will change the payment system of the internet sector.

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