Motorola is bringing a smartphone that can send messages even without a mobile network

Smartphone manufacturer Motorola is going to release a smartphone with satellite-based messaging. It is said that the company is currently working on the smartphone with a plan to make it available in the market within the first quarter of 2023.

Named Defy Rugged, this smartphone will have a satellite-based messaging system. It is mentioned that the company has even taken a patent for this.

Earlier, this feature has been made available by Apple in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Through which users can send calls and SOS messages even when there is no cellular network during emergencies.

However, this feature is not yet available on Android. In this case, Motorola is going to provide this feature to customers through new smartphones.

According to Android Authority, in this feature brought by Motorola, users will be able to send and receive messages even when there is no cellular network or WiFi connection. Also, you can share your location from your mobile without cellular or Wi-Fi network.

It is mentioned in the international media that this feature will be available in the company’s upcoming smartphone Defy Rugged 5G smartphone. To use this feature, users need to install the free Bullit Satellite Messaging app.

It is mentioned that in the initial stage it will only support text and emoji. According to the company, preparations are being made to provide a system that supports photos, videos, and audio in the phone.

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