MNS Acquires Hamrobazar for 10 Crore Rupees – Rohit Tiwari is the new CEO

After more than a decade of establishment, Hamrobazar is now acquired by the MNS Investments at the price of whooping ten crores. MNS, which has already acquired startups like Uptrendly, Foodmario, Next Venture Corp, has now acquired Hamrobazaar.

A few days back, Mr.Kavi Raj Joshi (MD of Next Venture Corp) made a post on Facebook saying Hamrobazar got acquired and has found new CEO. People had speculated Sambhav Sirohiya (CEO of MNS Investments) to be the new CEO of Hamrobazar. However, today MNS Investments posted a small announcement in the image form about the HamroBazar being acquired and MR. Rohit Tiwari is the new CEO of Hamrobazar. Mr. Tiwari is also the Founder and CEO of Foodmario.

The post reads:

Dear All,

We at MNS Investments are honored to announce that we have acquired Hamrobazar. We have always marveled at how Hamrobazar has remained the unquestioned leader of Nepal’s digital marketplace, and we believe we can take the company to even greater heights. We are confident that by synergizing the strengths of Hamrobazar and MNS, we can accelerate the overall growth of Nepal’s digital marketplace. We would like to thank Hamrobazar’s founder and outgoing MD, Prabal Saakha, for choosing us to carry forward—and build on—his company’s legacy. We would like to assure all Hamrobazar users that our ecosystem will always be free to use and be a part of. We would also like to declare here that the company vision will be executed by Rohit Tiwari, Hamrobazar’s new CEO.

Sambhav Sirohiya
President – MNS Investments

What is HamroBazar?

Mr.Prabal Saakha founded Hamrobazar – a listing site-as a buying and selling platform. Users can post the new or used products for sale on the website, after which the other can view and make the purchase. You can also exchange the products. Products on the website can be anything from including automobiles to pets and can be first-hand or second-hand.

Every detail of the products will be available, including the seller, their phone number, availability of negotiation, and many more. After you are satisfied with the product, you can simply make a call and process further according to the seller’s information like facility for home delivery or location of the delivery, and many more.

For the seller, you need to register yourself on the website providing valid information. After you are a member of the Hamrobazar, you can make a post about the product you are trying to sell by providing detailed information. You can also add the expiry time for the product sale, and the post will be automatically deleted after the expiry date arrives.

You can post multiple products with the same user ID further. The service is completely free and user-friendly; anybody can use the platform. As per the terms and conditions, Hamrobazar is not responsible for the authenticity of the products on its website.

What can we expect from the MNS for the Hamrobazar?

MNS may bring many changes in the venture; however, the website of the Hamrobazar is obsolescent, with very minimum concern given for the user experience. We expect the MNS to provide a fresh design for the website and more.

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