Midas Mero Doctor App: Health Application Connecting Doctors and Patients With Online Consultation

During this pandemic, Midas has brought good news to people’s lives. They have launched the Mero Doctor app, which is recently the best medical service provider application that provides 24/7 online service here in Nepal. So, you can get connected with the top doctors online from your comfort zone and make an appointment easily and quickly.

The situation of the country is worsening due to the rise of COVID-19. Thus, the government has imposed a lockdown. Due to this Lockdown, many patients are suffering access to the healthcare system who require regular health checkups and consultation, as they cannot reach the hospitals even for their routine checkups. To solve this issue, Midas has brought this great app that has been working actively to provide the best quality health service for the people free of cost.

Midas Mero Doctor is a great platform that helps in online consultation connecting patients and doctors and allows every individual to know about their health issues quickly. After consultation with a doctor, they can regularly follow up. This application is reliable. Midas has been working for two decades on digitizing hospital services. To today’s date, 120 hospitals have been benefited all over the country due to this app.

The app is very convenient for making an appointment. Firstly, you have to go through a simple registration process. Then, this app lets you choose the correct doctor for your particular problem and consult online. An application holds the detail of all Nepal’s top doctors, along with its patients. The service is available in all the districts. Before using this app, one should know that the Mero Doctor app is only available for non-emergency consultations.

Mero Doctor app has come as a solution to alleviate the risk of untimely medication to the patients who cannot reach the hospital due to the unideal situation of a country. Moreover, an application possesses an exemplary user interface to increase the user experience. Midas Mero Doctor app is available for both iPhone as well as Android users. Furthermore, targeting the current situation, Midas has also announced to provide a COVID-related free health care consultation for a limited period.

For the Consultation, there are five easy steps to be followed mentioned below:

  1. Find a doctor of the specialty you need in your area
  2. See the doctor’s available hours, fill in your contact information and book an appointment.
  3. Use IME Pay, eSEWA, Khalti, Connect IPS to pay a consultation fee.
  4. Start Video Consultation with your doctor at your scheduled time.
  5. Get your prescription and report online after Video Consultation.

Here at this app, you can find a specialist doctor for your diseases for your right cure while choosing a doctor online. You can make a better decision based on feedback from patients about the doctor and the Hospital. On one touch, you can navigate either doctor or hospital or clinic location using Google Maps. An Instant token with confirmation booking is generated after booking an appointment choosing a convenient date and time slots.

Using an app, you can review your upcoming, completed, and canceled booking details. You can also reschedule or cancel your appointment as per your need. You can also pay the fee via various means like e-banking, digital wallets, debit, or credit card. In addition, there is an option to pay in Hospital/clinic after booking an appointment with the doctor.

Everything is tracked on the Mero Doctor application; it keeps you updated on your reports and allows you to access medical reports wherever and whenever needed. You also have the privilege to upload your prescription report as well as the photos of prescribed medicines.


  • Free to consult with a doctor and get solutions.


  • Sometimes no doctor response on time.

Besides the application, one can look after the services by visiting the merodoctor.com website and contacting Facebook or other phone numbers: 9847393153 and 9847396536. For more suggestions or feedback, you can mail them at info@mero.doctor.

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