List of Salaries of Jobs in USA for Foreign Immigrants

In terms of wages, USA is known as a high wage paying country all over the world. Businesses in USA pay hourly wages, which is a minimum of $12 per hour. At this rate, an employee can receive a minimum of $2,000 per month. Here is a list of average hourly wages paid for different job roles in USA for international workers:  

JOB TITLE   SALARY (Hourly Rate)  
Office Administrator   $24.50  
Painter   $27.00  
Child and Youth Workers   $18.00  
General Construction Supervisor   $32.00  
Dentist   $50.00  
Travel Consultant   $17.50  
Food Service Supervisor   $14.50  
Book Keeper   $24.65  
Restaurant Manager   $24.50  
Automobile Repair Shop Manager   $36.00  
Diesel Mechanic   $36.00  
Book Keeper   $24.50  
Transmission Mechanic   $32.00  
Administrative Assistant   $22.00  
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)   $17.00  
Banquet Cook   $15.00  
Liquor Store Supervisor   $20.00  

Currently Available Jobs in Quebec, USA for Immigrants  

The Quebec government recently published a new list of training areas.  

The core areas of the training list play an important role in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Interested candidates can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to immigrate to USA as a skilled worker program.  

The finalized list enumerates a variety of studies that award points to applicants and a spouse or de facto spouse for diplomas acquired outside of Quebec or earned in Quebec or recognized as Quebec equivalent.  

Quebec’s Skilled Worker Program targets select candidates with the greatest potential for successful economic settlement.  

The following is a reference to the Quebec Immigration High Demand Jobs and Occupations List. There is always a high chance to find the best nursing jobs in USA for foreigners in 2023.  

The job vacancy listing gives applicants from outside of USA, who do not have intermediate French skills, the best chance of qualifying under Quebec Government rules.  

Quebec Immigration High Demand Job List 2023 with Salary  

Computer Equipment Repairer   $22.00  
Expedite Driver   $12.75  
Shipper-Receiver   $14.50  
Pizza Cook   $13.50  
Food Processing Labourer   $13.00  
Live-in Care-Giver   $12.50  
Grocery Store Butcher   $16.00  
Wood Working Machine Operator   $16.00  
Infants’ Day Care Worker   $16.00  
Factory Labourer   $17.48  
Stockpiler   $15.12  
Transport Truck Mechanic   $18.00  
General Labour   $13.92  



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