Nepal Electricity Authority Online Payment Services: eSewa, Khalti


    • Online electricity bill payment is gaining high popularity, replacing the traditional method
    • People are no more required to visit the electricity counter and wait in lines to pay their bills
    • Payment service providers like eSewa and Khalti are effectively promoting the digital payment services

    For years, Nepalese citizens have been following the same method of paying electricity bills. They go to the nearby electricity counter and pay the bill in cash. However, the overall process of electricity bill payment is not as simple as it sounds. One must physically be present at the bill counter where there is often a long queue of people waiting to pay the electricity bill. In case of delayed payment, there might also be chances of being fined.

    The good news is that modern approaches and digital services have now made it very convenient to pay household bills like electricity, drinking water and ADSL. New digital tools and techniques allow us to avoid unnecessary hassles and pay electricity bills from the comfort of our own homes. You can pay your bill from anywhere and anytime you want without putting any physical effort at all. In this article, you will find some of the most common and simplest ways to pay the electricity bill online.

    How to pay electricity bills online through NEA website?

    Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has facilitated the citizens by providing online bill payment services. Follow the given steps to pay your electricity bill online:

    1. Go to the official NEA website – to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    2. On the webpage, scroll down the Consumer menu and select the option Pay your Bill Online.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    3. Next, you need to choose your preferred online payment method. You can choose any method from the available options. Here, eSewa is the most popular payment service provider for online bill payment.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    4. Log in to your eSewa account using your verified username and password. You can check how to make an eSewa ID here.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    5. After login, you will be redirected to the eSewa homepage. Open the Electricity and Water menu and click on the ElectricityHow to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    6. A fill-up form will appear in which you need to add some data such as Counter, SC. Num. and Customer ID.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    7. After filling up all the required details, verify all the information and then proceed to complete the transaction.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?

    The online bill payment service is available within the time frame of 10:00 AM – 12 AM midnight.

    How to pay electricity bill from other payment service providers?

    You can also pay your electricity bill directly from the eSewa mobile app. The procedure is the same as the last four steps mentioned in the above tutorial. Although, you might require to enter the MPIN for verification in the last step while paying from the app.

    Khalti is another best digital service provider to pay electricity bills online. You can clear your electricity bill via the Khalti app or website by following the given steps:

    1. Launch the Khalti app or go to their website – Khalti.comHow to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    2. Login to your account using a verified username and passwordHow to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    3. Open the Services section and select the Electricity optionHow to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    4. Next, select the available counter, enter SC. Num. and Customer IDHow to Pay Electricity Bill Online?
    5. Confirm the details of your pending bill and proceed then the transaction is complete. Make sure that your wallet has enough balance before making the payment.How to Pay Electricity Bill Online?


    Online payment services are gaining more and more attention from users, mostly during the ongoing pandemic situation. There are no more queues of people waiting to pay the electricity bill at the counter. People can pay the bill whenever they want without facing any trouble. Besides, the payment service providers take full responsibility for the payment and offer a complete refund in case of any dispute. Such services encourage more people to use digital payment systems to pay their bills online.

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