Government Announcement of Free Internet in Public Places

The government has announced to provide free internet in public places. This announcement was made through the policy priorities and minimum program of the Government of Nepal which was released on Monday.

According to this, broadband internet service will be provided free of charge in public places where public services are provided, such as schools, hospitals, government offices, financial institutions, shopping complexes, etc. Earlier, the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority had been providing free internet to local level, ward offices, community schools and health posts for two years under the Broadband Internet Expansion Project.

Such a concession is available only to the relevant government offices, but now the government is going to arrange free internet for the general public at the places where public services are provided.

Likewise, the government has also included in its minimum program the topic of speeding up the use of information technology to make public service delivery simple, easy and effective, and making maximum use of technology to end illegal activities and corruption.

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