Cinemaghar: Platform To Watch Nepali Movies Online

With the ongoing pandemic, there is no doubt of people having difficult times in every sector. For the movie, Hollywood and Bollywood have already adapted the digital platform before the pandemic and are somehow satisfied. But talking about Kollywood, only a few web series is made. We were all habituated to visit the cinema hall to watch movies, as the digital platforms introduced were not giving the expected result in a long term manner. Eventually, the pandemic is somehow able to bring positive changes too. And with that, a local Nepali Movie streaming platform announced its comeback. CinemaGhar is a Nepali app released in 2015 and developed by 361 Degree Media, which has begun to serve again. A well-known Nepali actor Mr.Khagendra Lamichhane has also joined the team as the chairman.


As mentioned earlier, the app is relaunched with the new features and already has some audience, which is beneficial. Due to the redesign and other technical issues, the app had to take a break of around three years to bring the newly launched version. The new business model has a feature called “Cinemaghar Gold,” where you can pay Rs.500 or $5 and watch a movie for an entire year. The app has 18 movies, web series, short films, and standup comedy for now.

Looking at the app’s design and layout, we can say that the break they took is worth the wait. The layout is simple yet classy with a combination of yellow and black color.

CinemaGhar Homepage Image

The local and international payment gateways are integrated into the app. For the people residing in Nepal, the option to pay through eSewa or Khalti is available. And for the others, you can pay from gateways like VIS, American Express, and MasterCard. Other India-based payment gateways are under the final talks. The app’s global accessibility with the same amount of money is one of the company’s best decisions. And unlike other international services with regional-content variation, Cinemaghar provides the same content to all the users in every region.

Available Movies in CinemaGhar

The 18 movies currently available for Gold subscription are:

  • Damaru Ko Dandibiyo
  • Kohalpur Express
  • Saruto
  • Kagazpatra
  • Mangalam
  • Blind Rocks
  • Romeo and Muna
  • Bobby                                             
  • Hero Returns
  • Katha Kathmandu
  • Saya Kada Das
  • Mr. Virgin
  • Timi Sanga
  • Machha Machha
  • Garud Puran
  • Dream Girl
  • Kahi Katai
  • Bandha Mayale

Some of the standup comedies by the popular Lekh Mani Trital, Doresh Khatiwada, and others are available.

List of all available movies in CinemaGhar

Apart from this, there is also a news feed section, where the user can learn about the recent movie industry-related news. For the signup process and subscription, the tutorial is available in the app. 


To conclude, Cinemaghar has brought a significant positive step for both the Nepali audience and filmmakers. On top of that, the moviemakers are not fully confident about releasing the new movie anytime soon. However, the cinema hall is open, and some movies are also ready for release. Cinema Ghar will be directly benefited from this as viewers can watch movies in their app sitting at home. But the movies available are not all new. Since the app has just started giving its service, we can be hopeful about other exciting and newly released movies to be added soon.

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