Celebsathi: Connecting Celebrities and Business in a New Way

A celebrity has a large audience and influence; they can act as influencers and are considered idols for their fans. People love to see them on the screen and would always dream of connecting with them through any means. But connecting with celebrities is not as easy as we desire. Most of the celebrities keep themselves away from the crowd of the fans. Also, promoting the business through an influencer is a great idea to access their audiences. However, as mentioned above, reaching celebrities, building trust, and collaborating are burdensome for people until you have someone to fill the gap.

To overcome the gap between celebrities and the people, three friends: Jiwan Shrestha, Shiva Subedi, and Rajesh Shrestha, came together with a platform called “Celebsathi.” Mr. Jiwan comes from a digital marketing background, while Mr. Rajesh comes from an event management background, and Mr. Shiva is NRN. 

About Celebsathi
Celebsathi Homepage

Celebsathi was launched in October 2020. Its initial concept was to connect the fan and the celebrities virtually. Among many celebrities available in the Celebsathi, you can choose your favorite celeb to have them wish for different occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc., or greet with a personalized message. For this, you have to pay specific amounts charged by the celebrity. 

Later, the company also started to connect the business and celebrity and started influencer marketing. The platform connects celebrities and small to medium enterprises virtually. 

Whom does Celebsathi benefits?

All the small and medium businesses from any location can reach out to celebrities to promote their business. 

It will be highly beneficial to the startup since it will provide easy access to celebrities. The platform is a win-win for everyone since the celebrities get some amount of money while the business gets exposure to a large audience.

According to the co-founder of Celebsathi, Mr.Jiwan Shrestha, “It was the best time to get started as business and celebrities were affected by the pandemic. Celebsathi helps small businesses or startups who have limited marketing budgets and want to get a celebrity to promote the business through video or their influential social media profile but can’t reach them.” 

Who are the celebrities joining Celebsathi?

Another good news piece: the platform includes Nepali celebrities and international celebrities. There are cricketers, television artists, singers, models, etc., from Bollywood. They charge according to their work.

Around 400 celebrities have already signed the contract with the Celebsathi. It aims to connect 5000 celebrities from Bollywood. From Nepal, about 700 celebs have already signed up for the digital platform of Celebsathi.

Some of Nepal’s famous faces who have joined Celebsathi are Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus), Richa Sharma, Nabin K Bhattarai, Jitu Nepal (Mundre), Sushma Karki, etc. Similarly, some of the Bollywood celebs are actors; Prem Chopra, Rajpal Yadav, Sharman Joshi, Jay Bhanusali, Shamita Shetty, Salim Merchant (singer), cricketer; Mohit Sharma and Piyush Chaula, etc.

On the other hand, more than 15 small and medium enterprises have joined the platform.

Accordingly, Celebsathi is also in talks with some Singapore agencies, where they will also promote the artist on their platform.

How much does a celebrity charge in Celebsathi?

The company does not have any pricing module since the categories are vast for marketing, and celebrities also charge accordingly. The company takes a few percent as a service charge from the celebrity. But there is transparency in the payment. Also, the celebrities are assured of the money due to the prepaid working module.

According to Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, another co-founder of the company, “Another advantage for celebrities is, the company themselves develops the portfolio as well as manages them without any cost.”

Other Services from Celebsathi

The main aim of the Celebsathi is to ease the influential marketing to every enterprise. Other than this, they also have different business models.

“Different agencies are working together with us; we are working in a unified model,” adds Mr. Rajesh Shrestha. Photographers, Designers, Fashion Designers can also sell their services through the platform. 

“We are also signing the contract with the digital marketing agency, Prisma. They can take or give the services as it is a unified platform”, says Mr. Shrestha.

Celebsathi has been partnering with Rojgari.com and Offering Happiness. The company is currently running through bootstrapping.

Visit the official site here.

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