How to Book Airlines Ticket Online via eSewa, IMEPay?


    • The ratio of international flight rate of Nepal has dropped since last two few years; however, the domestic flights have gained dynamic growth.
    • Airlines are offering plane tickets at low costs to attract more passengers.
    • People can now easily book plane tickets online using digital wallet.

    The statistics of Nepalese flying domestic airlines has dramatically increased in recent years. Factors like inexpensive airfares and easy ticket availability have been influencing more and more people to prefer airways as their favorite means of travel. Moreover, there are already several digital platforms available that allows users to search and book airline tickets just in few taps. In this article, you will learn how to book an airline ticket online.

    Despite the affordable flight rates, booking a plane ticket wasn’t always an easy job. People used to visit the airport in person and wait in a queue to buy tickets. You needed to ask through phone or visit the airport counter to find the availability of flights for required destination. However, you no more need to face any trouble while purchasing a flight ticket. One can simply visit the official website of an airlines and book tickets or use other mediums like digital wallet.

    Buy Airlines Tickets from Digital Wallet

    The rise of digital payment systems in Nepal has become an aid to different economic sectors including aviation. People using digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti and IME Pay can now buy airplane tickets anytime they want right from their home or office. You can search for all available flight options and even compare the price and duration within a single app.

    Follow the given steps to book an airline ticket using eSewa or IME Pay:

    1. Login to your eSewa or IME Pay account
    2. On the homepage, Select the Airlines option; you will find it on the ‘Event and Ticketing’ section on IME Pay app.
    3. Next, fill up the necessary details as per your flight requirements:
    • You need to choose your flight type, One Way or Two Way; in eSewa, there is an additional option for mountain flight if you want to take flight to mountain regions.
    • Specify the locations of departure (From) and arrival (To).
    • Select the date you are going to travel. If you are booking a two-way ticket, you need to select both the departure date and return date.
    • Select the number of travelers taking the flight together.
    • Tap on ‘Find Flight’ or ‘Search’ button to proceed.
    1. List of all available flights will appear on your requested date. You can view details like flight schedule and pricing on the listed options. Users can also filter the list by tapping on the ‘Sort by’ button on the top left corner. Then tap on ‘Book Now’
    2. Another fill-up form will appear. Enter your passenger details: Full name, Contact number, Email and Adult Passenger name if you are travelling with kids.
    3. Recheck the flight and passenger details along with the total price and then Confirm.
    4. At the final stage, you need to enter your eSewa MPIN or IME Pay pin number for verification.
    5. Your flight ticket booking is successfully complete. Save the receipt as a pdf file on your phone; you can also choose to receive the receipt on your email. Show the digital receipt on the airport ticket counter to get your boarding pass.

    Domestic Airlines available in eSewa and IME Pay

    AirlinesBuy Ticket
    Nepal AirlinesBook Now
    Yeti AirlinesBook Now
    Buddha AirlinesBook Now
    Saurya AirlinesBook Now
    Simrik AirlinesBook Now
    Shree AirlinesBook Now

    Travelers can also search for available flights and book tickets directly from the official websites of airlines. Although, you need to create a personal or guest account to make the purchase.

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