Apple is preparing to release a cheap AirPods, how much will the price be?

Apple products are very difficult to get cheaply. Unlike other companies, Apple does not categorize its products into cheap, midrange and expensive. In the meantime, information has come out that the company is preparing to release AirPod at a low price.

As an entry-level product, the company has prepared to launch a low-priced AirPods with the name ‘AirPod Lite’. It is mentioned in the international media that the company is preparing to release AirPod Lite this year after Apple’s third generation AirD did not get a good market.

Along with this, the question has been raised whether the company will release the fourth generation AirPod or not. The company said that the price of Airpod Lite will be 99 dollars (more than 13 thousand rupees). Airpods currently available in the market are priced above 20,000 rupees.

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