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Farm Jobs in UK 2023 | Agriculture and Farm Work in UK for Foreigners: Careers in agriculture and ranching are one of the largest industries and sources of long-term employment in UK, providing the best jobs for millions of foreign workers, as well as UK citizens. So, browse the list of the latest farm jobs in UK and apply for your desired position. 

This agricultural career field provides humans with a multitude of food products, industrial raw materials, and alternative energy, among many other essential resources for sustaining the country in the long term and contributing to the world economy. 

Additionally, agricultural jobs in UK, particularly those associated with agriculture, conserve our soil resources and ensure that we have abundant supplies of land for future use. 

Many of the farm works and job postings in UK for the agriculture and farming industry are considered “Green Careers,” meaning that the jobs are involved in preserving, protecting, and promoting our environmental resources. 

There are dozens of types of farm work in UK are available as full-time, part-time, and seasonal work. Candidates can join as per their needs and company rules. 

Farm Jobs in UK for Foreigners | Farm Workers Employment 2023 

Numerous agriculture and ranch careers will place farmworkers in food production settings, including farms, hatcheries, and nurseries. Similarly, some careers can put workers in wild conditions associated with commodity production that includes timberlands, rivers, mountains, and different natural regions. 

Company Type  Agriculture and Farming 
Job Location  Across UK 
Nationality  All Nationalities can Apply 
Education  Secondary Level/High School/Diploma/Degree 
Experience  Experienced are preferred 
Salary/Wage Range  Specified with each job title 
Employee Benefits  Attractive Job Benefits & Perks 

Farm Worker Jobs in UK for Foreigners– Apply Now 

Due to the shortage of agricultural labor in UK, there are a large number of agricultural jobs available for foreign and immigrant workers. If you are interested in a career in agriculture, then it will be a great decision to apply for farm worker jobs in UK as a foreigner. 

It is suggested that those seeking a career in agriculture, farming and forestry appreciate working outdoors and working with creatures. 

The ability to work autonomously in incredibly disconnected conditions is also a nice feature, as specific careers that require fieldwork can take reps away from their homes and families for longer periods of time. 

It’s also imperative to realize that some of these jobs are really demanding and can be dangerous, depending on the type of substantial hardware you need to use and the weather conditions you need to work in. A dislike for hard work is not prescribed for those wishing to enter the agricultural and forestry industry. 

Farming & Agriculture Industry Jobs in UK with Salaries 

In UK alone, more than 100,000 agricultural and ranching jobs are available annually. Qualified graduates to fill these vacancies are not enough. So the UK government appears to be experiencing labor shortage issues, as its agricultural sectors continually struggle to find new workers. 

In fact, there is no better time to start your career in agriculture in UK. But if you are still confused, the list below will help you make up your mind. These are the most demanding and highest paying farm and farm jobs in UK: 

Agricultural Lawyer  12  $115,820 
Agricultural Economist  10  $104,920 
Biochemist  15  $91,190 
Environmental Engineer  18  $86,800 
Bioinformatics Scientist  11  $80,200 
Agronomy Sales Manager  24  $76,470 
Agricultural Engineer  52  $74,480 
Food Scientist  20  $71,990 
Animal Geneticist  24  $68,840 
Agricultural Operations Manager  80  $61,080 


Other Popular Agriculture Job Vacancies Available in UK 

Crop Specialist  Agriculture Officer 
Production Manager  Farm Manager 
Food Microbiologist  Silvicultural Researcher 
Horticulturalist  Fertilizer Sales Representative 
Food Researcher  Soil Surveyor 
Soil Engineer  Agricultural Food Scientist 
Agricultural Inspector  Agricultural Manager 
Agronomist  Aquatic Ecologist 
Arborist  Soil And Plant Scientist 
General Farm Worker, Labourer  Farm Hand/Helper 
Picker/Harvester  Packer 

Latest Agriculture Jobs in UK 2023 | Farm Workers Vacancies 

Gone are the days when careers in agriculture were only understood as working hard in the sun while waiting for the produce to grow. Today, the trend has played out in so many ways that tremendous opportunities have arisen over time, giving recent graduates, recent grads, and others plenty of job options to choose from. 

There are many jobs available in UK for graduates and postgraduates in Agriculture, both in the public and private sectors. Salary and benefit packages depend on the level of work experience of the employees and the branch of agricultural science in which they are located. However, the monthly salary of a recent agriculture college graduate can typically range from $1,500 to $2,500. 

Below is the list of available and currently opened job farming jobs in UK: 

General labourer – landscaping  Island 10 Fishing Retreat Inc  $3,200.00 monthly  New Liskeard (ON) 
General farm worker  RJS Orchards Ltd  $15.65 hourly  Creston (BC) 
Dairy farm worker  Donnandale Farms Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Stirling (ON) 
Farm supervisor  Manjinder Johal, Parminder Johal  $26.50 hourly  Langley (BC) 
General labourer – farm  JA ORCHARD LTD  $15.65 hourly  Various s 
General labourer – farm  0701635 BC LTD  $16.00 hourly  Pitt Meadows (BC) 
Fruit farm labourer  Arjuna Berry Farms Ltd.  $15.65 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Apiary worker  1005271 Alberta limited  $17.00 to $18.50 hourly  Stettler (AB) 
Harvesting labourer  Truong Holdings Inc.  $15.65 hourly  Langley (BC) 
Apiary technician  Greidanus Honeybee Farm  $17.50 to $19.00 hourly  Stettler (AB) 
Farm worker, general  Pirrie Creek Farms  $15.83 hourly  Aylmer (ON) 
Lawn mower  R.V.Enterprises Ltd.  $800.00 to $900.00 weekly  Montague (PE) 
Farm labourer  Eggerman Farms Ltd  $18.00 hourly  Spalding (SK) 
General labourer – farm  Sukhi Dhillon Farm LTD.  $16.50 hourly  Richmond (BC) 
Farm foreman/woman  Wenton Farms Ltd.  $27.00 hourly  Waseca (SK) 
Crewman/woman, forestry  Westforest Consulting Ltd.  $19.20 to $22.00 hourly  Quesnel (BC) 
Landscape gardening helper  St Judes Cleaners & Sanitation Inc  $20.00 to $22.00 hourly  North York (ON) 
Fruit farm labourer  Indian Garden Farms  $13.60 hourly  Hebbville (NS) 
Worker, farm  Houweling Nurseries Ltd.  $15.65 hourly  Delta (BC) 
Landscaping supervisor  Greenwin Corp  $70,000.00 annually  North York (ON) 
Labourer, landscape  Murray’s Landscape Services Ltd.  $14.00 to $19.00 hourly  Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s (NL) 
Landscape maintenance contractor  Murray’s Landscape Services Ltd.  $17.00 to $22.00 hourly  Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s (NL) 
Farm worker, fruit  Kahlon Farms Ltd  $15.65 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Dairy herdsperson  MAYBLOSSOM FARMS INC.  $16.35 to $18.35 hourly  Embro (ON) 
Grounds maintenance worker  Greentee Golf C.C. Langley Ltd.  $20.00 hourly  Langley (BC) 
Labourer, farm  G&H Bee Farm LTD  $13.00 hourly  Dundurn (SK) 
Farm worker, general  Pirrie Creek Farms  $15.83 hourly  Aylmer (ON) 
Landscape labourer  The Corporation of the City of Waterloo  $16.43 hourly  Waterloo (ON) 
Greenhouse worker  Meyers Fruit Farms Ltd  $15.83 hourly  Niagara-on-the-Lake (ON) 
Labourer, landscape  659533 NB Inc.  $17.50 hourly  Miramichi (NB) 
Farm worker, general  Great Lakes Greenhouses Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Farm worker, general  GLG Organics  $15.50 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Landscaping foreman/woman  Greentario Landscaping (2006) Inc.  $26.50 to $27.50 hourly  Hamilton (ON) 
Farm labourer  R&G Magda Holdings Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Princeton (ON) 
Landscape labourer  Greentario Landscaping (2006) Inc.  $26.50 hourly  Hamilton (ON) 
Farm labourer  Sedum Master Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Princeton (ON) 
Farm operation supervisor  ETRT Production Inc.  $17.00 to $18.00 hourly  Drummond (NB) 
Farm machinery operator  Dave Prince Transport Ltd  $24.00 to $30.00 hourly  Waskada (MB) 
Groundsman/woman  Alliance Tree Care Inc.  $15.00 to $20.00 hourly  Winnipeg (MB) 
Apiary worker  101034244 Saskatchewan Limited  $15.00 to $19.00 hourly  Langenburg (SK) 
Operator, farm machinery  Windy Poplars Farm Ag Ventures  $25.00 to $32.00 hourly  Wynyard (SK) 
Farm hand  Vegpro International Inc.  $14.25 hourly  Sherrington (QC) 
General labourer – farm  George Voisin  $15.83 hourly  Formosa (ON) 
Farm worker, fruit  Mahler Farms Corporation  $15.83 hourly  La Salette (ON) 
Harvest hand   Agence de recrutement et de placement des employés Iris Inc.  $15.00 hourly  Saint-Joseph-du-Lac (QC) 
Vegetable farm worker  Clifton Parker and Son Limited  $15.90 to $18.00 hourly  Union (ON) 
General labourer – farm  0914942 BC Ltd  $19.50 hourly  Surrey (BC) 
Landscape labourer  PACIFIC PAVING LTD.  $20.00 hourly  Surrey (BC) 
Supervisor, landscaping  PACIFIC PAVING LTD.  $29.00 hourly  Surrey (BC) 
Horse trainer  Connie Cassidy  $20.00 hourly  Donalda (AB) 
Greenhouse worker  Outrageous Enterprises Ltd.  $17.00 to $20.00 hourly  Coombs (BC) 
General farm worker  Patara Orchards  $15.65 hourly  Kelowna (BC) 
Farm worker, vegetables  PAUL’S GREENHOUSES LTD.  $15.65 to $16.50 hourly  Osoyoos (BC) 
Vineyard foreman/woman  Code Wines  $15.65 to $19.00 hourly  Okanagan Falls (BC) 
General farm worker  Thomas Watts  $15.83 hourly  Thornbury (ON) 
Farm worker, fruit  Pais Farms Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Simcoe (ON) 
Market garden worker  Sundog Organic Farm  $15.65 hourly  Duagh (AB) 
Farm worker – livestock  Adh Mor – Big Luck Ranch  $15.65 hourly  Ponoka (AB) 
Farm labourer  Vegpro International Inc.  $14.25 hourly  Sherrington (QC) 
Farm foreman/woman  West Edmonton Seed Potatoes (2002) Ltd.  $28.00 hourly  Parkland (AB) 
General farm worker  Greenhill Produce (Thamesville) Ltd  $15.83 hourly  Kent Bridge (ON) 
Farm labourer  Srebot Farms Inc.  $15.50 hourly  Gilford (ON) 
Nursery worker  1287253 B.C.LTD  $17.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Vineyard foreman/woman  Averill Creek Vineyard LTD.  $18.00 to $20.00 hourly  Duncan (BC) 
Worker, farm  Greenland Farm Ltd.  $15.65 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Grounds maintenance worker  Alcop Resource Recycling Inc.  $18.00 hourly  Calgary (AB) 
Harvesting labourer  H.Q. Mushroom Farm Ltd.  $15.65 to $21.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Landscape worker  Seasonal Impact  $19.00 hourly  Edmonton (AB) 
Herdsperson  Ceylon Gap Feeders Inc.  $18.00 to $20.00 hourly  Ceylon (SK) 
Farm worker, general  Sewa Enterprise Ltd.  $19.75 hourly  Various s 
General farm worker  Delfresh Mushroom Farm Ltd.  $17.31 to $22.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Farm supervisor  Avina Fresh Produce Ltd.  $17.65 to $28.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
General farm worker  H.Q. Mushroom Farm Ltd.  $17.31 to $22.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
General farm worker  Avina Fresh Produce Ltd.  $17.31 to $22.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Landscaping supervisor  Atlas Landscaping Inc  $26.40 hourly  Edmonton (AB) 
General labourer – farm  Valley Agro Ltd  $19.00 hourly  Surrey (BC) 
Nursery labourer  Gardens By Collette  $18.00 hourly  Wahnapitae (ON) 
General farm worker  A&M Orchards Ltd.  $19.23 hourly  Keremeos (BC) 
Labourer, fruit farming  SUNCREST HILL ORCHARDS INC.  $15.75 hourly  Kelowna (BC) 
Dairy herdsperson  Scothorn Farms Ltd  $13.91 hourly  Milford (NS) 
Landscaping foreman/woman  1595502 Alberta Ltd  $22.00 to $30.00 hourly  Duagh (AB) 
Farm worker, vegetables  fishers’ farm  $15.85 hourly  Janetville (ON) 
Aquaculture support worker  Future nets & Supplies Ltd.  $19.00 hourly  Pennfield (NB) 
Landscaping supervisor  Urban Life Solutions Inc.  $28.00 hourly  Nisku (AB) 
Farm worker, general  Anpo Natural Tannery & Ranch  $18.50 hourly  Rossburn (MB) 
Herd hand  Booneco Feeders Ltd  $21.00 to $26.00 hourly  Picture Butte (AB) 
Farm machinery operator  Rogers Custom Contractors  $24.00 to $30.00 hourly  Souris (MB) 
Worm picker-packer  United Bait Inc  $16.50 hourly  Stratford (ON) 
Snow shoveller – grounds maintenance  Service usafiph inc  $18.00 to $21.00 hourly  Trois-Rivières (QC) 
Farm worker  Di Ciocco Farms Incorporated  $15.50 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Farm worker  Di Ciocco Farms Eastside Inc  $15.50 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Farm worker  Di Ciocco Sonny Farms Inc  $15.50 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Labourer, grounds maintenance  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $17.00 to $18.00 hourly  Various s 
Snow shoveller – grounds maintenance  Newport Landscaping Inc.  $22.50 hourly  Vineland (ON) 
Landscape labourer  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $19.00 hourly  Edmonton (AB) 
Landscape labourer  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $20.00 hourly  Surrey (BC) 
Landscape labourer  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $20.00 hourly  Abbotsford (BC) 
Landscape labourer  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $19.00 hourly  Edmonton (AB) 
General labourer – farm  Nature Fresh Farms Inc.  $15.83 hourly  Leamington (ON) 
Landscape labourer  Mainstreet Equity Corp  $18.00 hourly  Calgary (AB) 


Agricultural Farm Types for Job Vacancy Openings in 2023 

  • Fruit Farming (Picking/Packing) 
  • Apple Farming 
  • Citrus/Orange 
  • Kiwi Farming 
  • Strawberry Farming 
  • Grapes Farming 
  • Watermelon Farming 
  • Avocado Farming 
  • Animal Farming 
  • Cow Farming/Dairy Farming 
  • Sheep Farming 
  • Pig Farming 
  • Poultry Farming 
  • Fish Farming 
  • Vegetable Farming 
  • Tomato Farming 
  • Potato Farming 
  • Mushroom Farming 
  • Spinach/Carrot Farming 
  • Grain Farming 
  • Rice Farming 
  • Maize Farming 

Benefits of Agriculture and Farming Jobs in UK 

The UK farm and agricultural employer offers a very attractive and lucrative base salary as well as employee benefits to all workers based on company benefits packages. We have listed some representative employment benefits and perks that employees will be able to enjoy after joining farm jobs in UK. 

Many agriculture and ranching businesses in UK offer the excellent benefits that all high-tech startups also offer. Do you like free meals and snacks? What about a vehicle paid for by an agricultural company or with lodging included along with a basic salary? All this and much more is available to you. 

Health and medical benefits, holidays, and flexible work hours are also offered to dedicated workers and employees. 

Likewise, you will enjoy the following benefits in agricultural and livestock work: 

  • Farm work can keep you fit 
  • Working outdoors improves your physical well-being 
  • Being outdoors improves your mental health 
  • Working the land gives you a deeper appreciation for nature and farmers. 
  • It instills passion, love and respect for the land. 
  • Build lifelong friendships with other youth on the farm. 

Moving to UK: Farming & Agriculture Jobs for Foreigners 

Hopefully, by now you are excited to find the best farm employment opportunities in UK. As a foreigner, perhaps you live in another country in the world and want to immigrate and work in UK in the agricultural industry. 

Fortunately, the UK government has made it easy for foreign workers with various skill set programs to obtain a work visa or settle permanently in UK. 

There are many program options for you to choose from. International Experience UK (IEC) is aimed at foreigners who want to work and live in UK for one or two years (depending on the country of origin), through special Global Talent Stream programs dedicated to professionals in all industries, including agriculture and the livestock. , to the Provincial Nomination Programs important for Permanent Status. 

More than that, based on your professional background, experience in UK or abroad, and your knowledge of English or French, you can apply directly through the UK Express Entry program for UK permanent residence with one of the programs, such as Federal Skilled Workers Class (FSWC), UK Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC). 


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